Celebrating Ohio Grads!

Classes are finished, thesis projects are defended, and final examinations are complete. Yes, it is May and it is graduation time! Ohio genetic counseling students will soon be making the transition from experienced student to new counselor. Let’s see where our graduates are heading as they embark on the next phase of their journey.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University has eight students in the class of 2021, and seven are graduating in May. One student is completing a dual degree in genetic counseling and bioethics and will graduate in December 2021. Our May 2021 graduates are moving on to clinical genetic counseling positions in their preferred specialties, including prenatal genetics, pediatric genetics, and cancer genetics. Some graduates will remain in Ohio, while some will be moving to other states, including North Dakota and New York. We are proud of, and excited for, our class of 2021 and cannot wait to see what they do next!

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program has 12 graduates in the class of 2021. Some of our graduates will remain in southern Ohio after graduation while others will be moving to different states, including Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, and California. The majority of our graduates will have patient facing roles in specialties including cancer, prenatal, and pediatric genetics, but one of our graduates will be in a laboratory genetics role.

The Ohio State University

The OSU GCGP has 10 students in the class of 2021. Six of our graduates will remain in Ohio after graduation and four will be moving to other states, including Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Four graduates will be pursuing careers in adult cancer, two in general pediatrics, and one in adult neurology. Additionally, one student will be working in a pediatric hematology oncology clinic, one will be in a clinical laboratory position, and one will be working as a research genetic counselor.

As you can see, with three genetic counseling programs in the state, Ohio is definitely doing its part to educate the genetic counselors of the future. Best of luck, class of 2021! We cannot wait to see the impact you have on the field of genetic counseling!

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