The Web Design, Communications, and Marketing subcommittee of OAGC is proud to announce the launch of the monthly OAGC blog! Our goal is to have this blog be a new go-to place for information about the most recent genetics topics, as well as thoughts about well-known subjects.

Here is what you can expect:

New material every month!

A new blog will be posted the first Friday of every month. Please make sure to check back for new material each month. A very important note – we do not want this to be the same one or two people writing each month. We have a large membership and we want to hear everyone’s voice! If you have any idea (or ideas) for possible topics if you want to volunteer to write a blog post (even if you do not have a specific topic in mind), or if you have a suggestion for a guest writer, let us know.

Our students will be involved!

Each quarter, our “Student Spotlight” will feature a blog written by a genetic counseling student attending one of our Ohio genetic counseling programs.

We will have some fun!

In addition to the informative blogs you will quickly become accustomed to, we will pepper in some lighter material, and maybe an occasional puzzle or game.

We are so excited to be engaging with you in this format! Please contact us at if you would like to write a blog, have suggestions for content, or if you have questions.